Where it all Began…

During Josh’s final year at University, he went to escape the stresses of revision in the library and ventured to the nearest beach – a quiet bay in East Cornwall called Whitsand and walked down to Tregantle beach. Nothing could’ve prepared him for the billions of micro-plastic nurdles that washed in with every wave. It was the most shocking environmental issue Josh had ever seen, and it was only 10 miles from his home. This is the day that Nurdle was born. He had to do something about this…

He created a giant sieve in his kitchen to remove the micro-plastics from Tregantle, using wood and nails and very little knowledge of building anything Josh built a sieve that lasted 2 hours, before falling apart. He took the idea to his grandad and made Trommel V2…When this was put on social media he had a flurry of messages asking to buy them, how to make them, to join in on beach cleans.

A year later, here we are.

Nurdle is a community interest company dedicated to improving our environment. We make devices to aid in unearthing buried plastic from the sand, focusing specifically on micro-plastic nurdles, as these tiny plastic pellets cause havoc on our wildlife and are the hardest to recover.

The Trommel: an army of machines that aim to support coastal communities worldwide.

We are now on to our fully functioning Trommel V7’s – the best and the last. These are now dotted all around the UK and as far as California. Our trommels specifically designed to remove as much plastic as possible whilst leaving all sand and as much organic matter as possible on the beach. These machines provide an accessible and affordable means for coastal communities to get together and do something to save the place they live and love, as well as offering a great incentive for larger businesses to get involved.

In 2019 we will be launching the trommels bigger, badass brother…stay tuned it’s going to be great!