It’s long overdue but we would like to start the new year by actually introducing ourselves.

– the two-man band behind Nurdle.

So…here’s PART1 of our ‘Hello’.

He’s the manpower, backbone and founder of Nurdle, tackling a million jobs at once and never losing hope in the relentless battle of marine plastics.

Since Josh was a child he’s always taken a huge interest in the natural world and is very focussed on creating solutions for our impending environmental crisis. For work experience when he was 15, he joined Project Protean, an ambitious Wave Ship. The project used old oil tankers fitted with over 40 wave turbines to create clean, green energy. Josh found a sector of Environmental Science that he loved, and thrived in – mitigating human impacts on the natural world. Since this work experience, Josh studied the environment at college before enhancing his studies with BSc Environmental Science at Plymouth University and then, founding Nurdle.

Josh created Nurdle alongside the final year of his degree and hasn’t stopped ever since. He has seen Nurdle through its most exciting times but also its toughest and will continue to push us into the bright future ahead, gathering tiny plastic pellets as he goes…


Everything you don’t see is done by the other half of our little team, Hope… Since Hope has joined Nurdle there’s no denying the motivation she’s bought with her and how quickly we’ve gone from nothing, to something.

Hope’s path to being a Director of Nurdle was slightly
different but similar in many circumstances. Again, since a young age, Hope has been very in tune with the environment. Where Josh is more interested in the effects of human impacts on environmental systems, Hopes passion lies in animals and biodiversity. Hope studied BSc Conservation Biology at Plymouth University whilst juggling helping where she could with Nurdle. It wasn’t until she finished uni that she dedicated her full-time attention to the project
The experience Hope brings in to exploring how micro-plastics affect terrestrial and oceanic organisms is vital and she makes sure our trommels and machines have a negligible environmental impact on the ecosystem we’re trying to conserve.

Things are going to get a lot harder for our little team as we venture further into unknown territory and there couldn’t be a better person to help propel us there, keep Josh in line, and keep us firmly pointed towards our next milestone – to create a machine.

Josh’s dream is to make a difference.

Hope’s dream is to conserve endangered animals.