During Josh’s final year at University, he went to escape the stresses of revision in the library and ventured to the nearest beach – a quiet bay in East Cornwall called Whitsand and walked down to Tregantle beach. Nothing could’ve prepared him for the sight at Tregantle beach. Billions of micro plastic nurdles washed in with every wave. It was the most shocking environmental issue Josh had ever seen, and it was only 10 miles from his home. This day is when Nurdle was born. We had to do something about this.
He created a giant sieve in his kitchen to remove the micro-plastics from Tregantle, using wood and nails and very little knowledge of building anything Josh built a sieve that lasted 2 hours, before falling apart. He took the idea to his grandad and made Trommel V2…When this was put on social media he had a flurry of messages asking to buy them, how to make them, to join in on beach cleans.
Now, here we are.

We have genuinely invented a solution to an environmental problem and we can have a massive effect on helping fix. The team are fully committed to remove as much plastic waste as possible.

Josh Beech • Founder

An exemplary business aiming to improve our environment for the betterment of all! Socially, environmentally and economically responsible; a standard setting business others should try to emulate.

Elliot Clarke

These guys are awesome! hope and Josh are dedicated to helping get rid of the global microplastic problems we are facing! wether you support, follow, donate or buy a machine from these guys, you wont regret it

Sandrea Simons

Such a great idea and so happy to see it in action!

Julie Caldicott


2019 will be the creation of our machine. Follow us to watch how this develops.


To make a genuine difference to the health of our oceans, coastlines, and associated wildlife.


To create a world where everyone cares as much as we do.


Josh is the founder of Nurdle, and his passion for the environment goes back years. Since Josh was a child he’s always taken a huge interest in the natural world and is very focussed on creating solutions for our impending environmental crisis. For work experience when he was 15, he joined Project Protean, an ambitious Wave Ship. The project used old oil tankers fitted with over 40 wave turbines to create clean, green energy. Josh found a sector of Environmental Science that he loved, and thrived in – mitigating human impacts on the natural world. Since this work experience, Josh studied the environment at college before enhancing his studies with BSc Environmental Science at Plymouth University before founding Nurdle.


Hopes path to being a Director of Nurdle was slightly different but similar in many circumstances. Again, since a young age Hope has been very in tune with the environment. Where Josh is more interested in mitigation of human impacts on environmental systems, Hopes passion lies in animals and biodiversity. Hope studied BSc Conservation Biology at Plymouth University whilst juggling helping where she could with Nurdle. It wasn’t until she finished uni that she dedicated her full time attention to the project. The experience Hope brings to exploring how micro-plastics affect terrestrial and oceanic organisms is vital and she makes sure our trommels and machines have negligible environmental impact on the ecosystem we’re trying to conserve.

You’ll like the company we keep…