We are a beach cleaning, ocean plastic removal, social and environmental enterprise that removes micro-plastics from the coastline. Our mission is to create an industrial machine that removes micro-plastics en masse, funded through the sale of our lightweight, cheaper, hand powered trommels. We don’t just clean beaches, we also give school workshops, environmental talks, create art, write studies and find sources of major plastic pollution.

We have genuinely invented a solution to an environmental problem and we can have a massive effect on helping fix. The team are fully committed to remove as much plastic waste as possible.

Josh Beech • Founder

An exemplary business aiming to improve our environment for the betterment of all! Socially, environmentally and economically responsible; a standard setting business others should try to emulate.

Elliot Clarke


We hope our efforts will be successful in actively reducing plastic footprints worldwide & raising awareness for the benefits of clean oceans in the future.


By creating a strong foundational community around the marine plastics issue, the future of our marine ecosystem should be ensured.


Knowledge is power. By arranging workshops and informative talks, we can improve understanding and the consequences of our actions (or lack thereof).

Our Beliefs

Plastic pollution is an issue that together we can fix! Community groups and beach cleans are doing a fantastic job at removing tonnes of ocean plastic every week! But no one is focusing on the small stuff.We have found a way to remove micro-plastics as efficiently and as practically as possible and we genuinely want to make a difference. We give away free blueprints of our trommel sieves; we donate beach cleaning equipment to the worst affected coastlines, with 100% of our profits go towards the removal of ocean plastic waste.

We believe global environmental issues are not going to be solved with monetary greed, we are trying to do the planet a good deed and believe that together, we can make the world a cleaner, better place.