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Our Parkdean family is our largest collection of trommels by one organisation. They own 3 devices tasked with cleaning both Croyde beach and Challaborough beach and are used pretty much every Sunday at Croyde stationed by the stream by their guardian, Rose Roberts.  The trommels at Croyde are worth their weight in gold just after a storm, when all of the pollution becomes visible when the high power waves smash the sand up and unearth them.


The first member of our family and our most loyal companion.
The Hip and Pistol pub is a very big heart in the community of Ilfracombe. They run beach cleans, support community projects, sports teams, and charitable organisations – all helping to bring the whole town together.
Their trommel is our oldest workhorse and he’s removed millions of pieces of plastic, joining us on every beach clean we do.
He’s taken a bit of a beating over the last year and is due an upgrade soon, maybe on his 1st birthday.


Your IT man has difficult life ahead of him, he looks after Saunton Beach – a 5km area of outstanding natural beauty and nature reserve. So he needs to be more portable and lightweight as he’s carried further than anyone else. At the moment, this trommel is participating in monthly beach cleans at Saunton and twice a month being used to better understand how micro-plastics deposit, occur, and return on a Saunton beach.


Ebb and Flo have the only custom trommel out there – specifically designed to tackle the wetter sand up in the North of England. The task at hand is cleaning a the massive Cleethorpes beach, starting at the North end. The specifically designed double skinned trommel is perfect for loading the material piled up against the sea wall and removing the sand, making it easy to recover the macro-plastics that they find there. Although Cleethorpes don’t get many Nurdles, they get a lot of polystyrene. Both trommels are so important for removing this from the environment.

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