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Project Description

Nurdles are the raw industrial form of plastic. To make your plastic item, nurdles are poured into an extrusion, compression, or injection moulding machine to be heated and moulded into the desired shape. They are small, between 3-5mm so that they can act as a liquid when measuring out proportions. Nurdles are very cheap and spillages are common in their production, creation, transportation, moulding and finally when they’re recycled again. The only way to prevent nurdles from entering the environment is to make the facilities that deal with them nurdle-tight.

Tyre dust makes up the largest share of micro-plastics entering the ocean. Natural rubber tyres have been replaced by synthetic rubber (or plastic) and we use 50,000,000 tyres in the UK every year. Whilst driving, tyres wear down and the synthetic rubber micro-plastic flakes run straight from the road into the ocean.