“ We need to create a machine that will allow us to be able to return the worst locations for micro-plastic, back to their original habitat. The problem is so bad at such locations it’s simply too large for handheld devices to deal with.”

The Trommels are very much needed to stay on top of the issue and provide the most interactive, educatory tool, for beach cleaners wanting to remove micro-plastics from their coastline. We will continue to sell trommels throughout Nurdles lifetime.

However we need a bigger and badder solution to tackle the worst affected beaches – the new machine will be just that.

This machine is revolutionary and has a truly global scope. Although alternative beach cleaning methods exist, all bar one leave the micro-plastics behind as the machinery isn’t developed to collect plastics this small. They all also rid the beach of the essential organic matter that provides a crucial nutrient input to an otherwise nutrient deficient system.

This machine will be able to remove micro-plastics in large quantities and sort them from organics, sand, and larger plastic.

Increase your corporate social responsibility.
Increase your corporate environmental responsibility.


In 2019 we’re building this machine. We fund the development of this machine through our hand-powered Trommel sales – however, we need to accelerate our mission at a faster pace.

We need your help.


We feel the strongest value to you is a better relationship with the local community. This, in turn, will bring more custom and your business will be at the forefront of environmental protection in your area.

We will provide constant promotional material from the beach cleans the machine partakes on around the country.