The Sneaky Trouble-Makers: How Nurdles Harm Our Environment

The Sneaky Trouble-Makers: How Nurdles Harm Our Environment Have you ever heard of nurdles? They might sound cute, but these tiny plastic trouble-makers are causing big problems for our environment. In this easy-to-understand blog post, we'll explore what nurdles are and how they harm the environment. What Are Nurdles? Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets, like

Nurdles: The Microplastic Menace You’ve Never Heard Of

Nurdles: The Microplastic Menace You've Never Heard Of In the ongoing battle against plastic pollution, we often hear about the harmful effects of single-use plastics, oceans filled with plastic debris, and the importance of recycling. However, there's a lesser-known but equally insidious contributor to our plastic pollution problem: nurdles. Nurdles may sound cute, but these

How is Plastic Recycled: Nurdle and Ocean’s Sustainable Partnership

How is Plastic Recycled: Nurdle and Ocean's Sustainable Partnership In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of global discussions, recycling plastic has become a vital aspect of sustainable living. While many of us are familiar with recycling common household plastics like bottles and containers, there's another, often overlooked type of plastic that

Taking Action: A Guide to Cleaning Up Microplastics

Taking Action: A Guide to Cleaning Up Microplastics Microplastics, those tiny plastic particles that have infiltrated our environment, pose a growing threat to ecosystems and our health. These minuscule fragments are found in oceans, rivers, soil, and even the air we breathe. Cleaning up microplastics might seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right

How to Clean up Nurdles

How to Clean up Nurdles Our oceans are teeming with life and are vital to the health of our planet, but they are facing an alarming threat – plastic pollution. One of the most concerning aspects of this pollution is the presence of nurdles, tiny plastic pellets that wreak havoc on marine ecosystems. In this

Nurdle – The Full Story

The Life Changing Moment In Josh’s final year of Environmental Science at University he went to escape the stresses of revision and ventured to his nearest beach – a quiet bay in East Cornwall called Whitsand. When he got down to the beach to clear his head he was not expecting

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