• Adapted vacuums to suck-up plastic pellet waste
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Simple set-up,  straightforward to use, little training needed
  • Works like a household vacuum
  • Great for harder to reach areas

Our micro-vac guardians are cleaning beaches across the UK with our specialised Karcher vacs.

Micro-Vac Guardians

Our equipment can be found across the world!

We have sent our specialised Karcher micro-vacs to groups across the country who were desperate need of equipment to help clean-up the plastic pollution spillages in their local areas. They will be tackling the removal of micro-plastics  over the next few months, then, once the micro-plastics have been removed, the vacs will be passed on to the next group. If you’d like to become a micro-vac guardian for free, please get in touch!

When you’re out and about near a sandy beach, look out for our micro-vac guardians!