Our Parkdean family is our largest collection of trommels by one organisation. They own 3 devices tasked with cleaning both Croyde beach and Challaborough beach and are used pretty much every Sunday at Croyde stationed by the stream by their guardian, Rose Roberts.  The trommels at Croyde are worth their weight in gold just after a storm, when all of the pollution becomes visible when the high power waves smash the sand up and unearth them.


The first member of our family and our most loyal companion.
The Hip and Pistol pub is a very big heart in the community of Ilfracombe. They run beach cleans, support community projects, sports teams, and charitable organisations – all helping to bring the whole town together.
Their trommel is our oldest workhorse and he’s removed millions of pieces of plastic, joining us on every beach clean we do.
He’s taken a bit of a beating over the last year and is due an upgrade soon, maybe on his 1st birthday.


In a sector that is often cursed by environmentalists for being one of the most wasteful, your IT man stands as the most environmentally conscious of them all. The managing director at Your IT man, Simon, creates a near perfect circular IT economy, kitting you out with IT services and products in the most sustainable way possible.
The Your IT man trommel has difficult life ahead of him, he looks after Saunton Beach – a 5km Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and nature reserve. So he needs to be bit more portable and lightweight as he’s carried further than anyone else. At the moment, this trommel is participating in monthly beach cleans at Saunton and twice a month being used to better understand how micro-plastics deposit, occur, and return on a Saunton beach.


Ebb and Flo have the only custom trommel out there – specifically designed to tackle the wetter sand up in the North of England. The task at hand is cleaning a the massive Cleethorpes beach, starting at the North end. The specifically designed double skinned trommel is perfect for loading the material piled up against the sea wall and removing the sand, making it easy to recover the macro-plastics that they find there. Although Cleethorpes don’t get many Nurdles, they get a lot of polystyrene. Both trommels are so important for removing this from the environment.


This trommel is going to tackle Hayling Island. Hayling island is arguably one of the worst locations in the UK for nurdles and micro-plastic pollution. The Final Straw Solent are an absolutely incredible group that have challenged over 100 local businesses to cut out the straw. They’ve done so well in reducing straws that they’ve focussed their attentions to anything plastic. They now teach children, wage war on plastic bags, coffee cups, straws, single use plastics, organise massive beach cleans, and genuinely improve the Solent area. We’re super excited to hear how it gets on.


During our feasibility study in 2017, we visited West Wittering, in the South of England. This was the 3rd worst place for micro-plastics out of the 30 beaches we visited, after Tregantle and Watergate Bay, and was identified as being a key place to clean. We’re so so glad to have West Wittering Estate PLC on board, they have been incredible in ensuring their greatest asset, the beach, is looked after. Being right on the beach the trommel will get loads of use! And may even pop across the water to give some more firepower to Hayling Island when The Final Straw Solent organise their beach cleans.
Thanks West Wittering Estate, you show up A LOT of beach owners on how to responsibly care for your environment and your visitors.


Beach Guardian run multiple beach cleans a week, drawing people from all across the county to come together and tackle the issue on their doorstep. These two trommels are likely to be the most active with a hard life ahead, clearing some of the worst affected beaches in the south-west.

The Beach guardians story is also one of our favourites… we were contacted privately by a very generous lady, who wanted to donate towards a trommel to give to a local organisation/beach cleaning charity, as we knew how bad the situation was around the beach guardians, they were our first recommendation! The Beach Guardians crowdfunded the rest then we received the second donation from another lady to fund towards a second machine! Thankyou ZLC ENERGY LTD and Bosinver Farm Holiday Cottages we couldn’t have done it without you!!


Jersey Electricity have funded this machine as an environmental award for Plastic Free Jersey and The Good Jersey Life ambassador Sheena. Sheena has improved the environmental drastically on the island of Jersey and through her hard work achieved SAS plastic free status. Sheena goes above and beyond for the environment and the trommel is yet another tool to bolster her army in the fight against plastic.


We’re delighted to welcome Beach Care to the Nurdle family!!
These legends, with some help from Keep Britain Tidy and South West Water, will now have a Trommel to join them on their beach cleans. Of which there has been over 1000. Yes, 1000!!!

This Trommel will be lent out to various groups throughout Devon & Cornwall and also going on tour with Beach Care. So if you are in the south-west and interested in borrowing a Trommel for a few weeks – Contact these guys!


Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park is a stone’s throw away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the South West and the park couldn’t be doing more to keep it pristine.

They have monthly beach bbq’s and donate the proceeds to local charities. They also run weekly beach cleans with the holiday park guests and Beach Guardian. With their new piece of kit, we’re delighted to say that they can now stay on top of their micro-plastic issue too.


We are so excited to be able to announce that Watergate Bay now have a trommel based with them permanently.
For those of you that have been following our journey from the start, you will know how important it was for us to get a trommel here. For those of you that haven’t – during a feasibility study we conducted in 2017, Watergate Bay was one of the worst affected beaches for micro-plastic. Although the hotel themselves have been dedicated to keeping this 2-mile Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in good health, the micro-plastic problem here is virtually impossible to stay on top off without an efficient tool. The hotel will be using this on the majority of their upcoming beach cleans, as well as on every spring tide to remove the issue when it’s at its worst. Go check it out!