What’s the Problem?

Perranporth Beach


We first visited Perranporth beach in 2020 with the first version of the microplastic machine. We removed over 600 litres of microplastics, but there was still a lot to do.

On March 30th 2021, we returned on tour with our brand new Karcher micro-vacs. We were able to make a fairly big dent in the plastic pollution, but we came back again in October for the final push.

March 30th                                   October 8th

Since we first came to Perranporth in March 2021, we have already seen a massive difference in the reduction of microplastics. After 2 trips and 9 months later, you can really see the impact – even 2 months after our last clean!

Thanks to our team of great volunteers and our machines, we are already making a difference to our beaches and oceans.

December 2021

2 months after the previous clean