Samsung S9+


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“Love the case! Even my 11 year old boy said how awesome it is!”

These phone cases are made from the microplastics that Nurdle have recovered from the natural environment using our three tools and machines.

We’re a not for profit, all of the proceeds from our sales directly fund further cleanup.

They are engraved with the exact location where we collected them.

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Extra Information

The outer case is made from 100% recycled TPU plastic – a cross between rubber and plastics. It is known for its strength resistance to drops.

14 day returns

Microplastics cannot be recycled conventionally. When you choose to upgrade your phone and your case’s life is over, you can send it back to us with some electronic contact details (instagram @, email address) and we’ll send you a 20% off your next order discount code. We’ll recycle the case completely, giving it another chance at life!

Delivered in minimal, completely recyclable, packaging

Compatible with wireless chargers

360 protection with lip to protect screen

Every single one unique

Made from microplastics recovered with our tools and machines

Directly funds further cleanup of our oceans!


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