Build your own and be part of the worldwide change!



Watch the video to the right to learn how to build your trommel!

Click the download button to download the files you will need to build your trommel. 



In the download folder, we have provided a branding template to add your logo onto. This is so you can create the branding that will then go on the side of the trommel. You need to have Adobe Illustrator installed to do this.

If you cannot create the file yourself, please contact us at and we can do it for you, however this may take up to 20 working days.


Need help building your trommel? Made changes to the trommel design to adapt to your environment? Or just want to share the impact your trommel has made to your community? That’s what the forum is for!

The forum is the heart of the trommel community!

If you’re making a trommel, please join the forum and share your journey.