The Trommel is the perfect tool for the microplastic issue in your local area.
You will have what we call “an astronaut moment”.
Once the first two shovels of sand are placed into the Trommel, your eyes will pan the beach and the cogs in your brain will start to do the maths.

Hundreds of pieces in those shovels of sand x The entire beach x Beaches in the country x Beaches in the world = The astronaut moment 

“There are now more microplastics in the ocean than stars in our galaxy”


  • Lightweight and modular, made from strengthened PVC. One person can take the Trommel in two trips to the location.
  • Made of the best materials to prevent rusting – stainless steel 316 and aluminium.
  • Sealed bearings to protect them from salt corrosion.
  • Designed to fit into a standard car.
  • Durable – none of our Trommels have ever broken.
  • Low maintenance – sanding and greasing the legs are the only maintenance needed on the Trommels.

Get one for your local beach!


Companies looking to sponsor a Trommel for your local beach cleaning group get the benefit of consistent sustainability marketing. The Trommel is taken out regularly with beach cleaning organisations to the beach, into schools and at science fairs.
Larger companies often buy more than one to scatter around their region.
You get 100% of the branding on the side if you purchase over 10 for your region, or 50% if you purchase under 10. Check out our photos to see the positive impact it’s had on brands and businesses alike.


There is a discount available for fellow not-for-profits – ping us an email!

Passionate individuals and proud eco warriors!

If you’re a one man band, a small group of people, or in a location where shipping is way too expensive.
Don’t worry.
We get it.
How are we ever going to have a global impact if we keep our cards close to our chest?
We’re here to help save the world, not make millions.
Have the blueprints for free… You’ll need a knowledge of welding or someone that can help.
contact us and we can have a chat.