Our Trommels are essentially giant sieves designed to remove micro-plastics from sand in large quantities. We designed the trommel to be safe, interactive, and easy to use. The Trommel offers affordable advertising means for businesses that are looking to boost their corporate responsibility and give something back to the community, whilst providing the tool beach cleaners need to remove this notorious pollution. These small but mighty machines are collecting millions of micro-plastics at a time and are scattered all around the UK and even as far as California.

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Made from stainless steel and lightweight aluminium, the barrel is welded together with 6 support bars and an end piece, making it super lightweight and strong. The barrel has a handle attached to the end, for ease of use, and a microplastic emptying hatch; allowing everything under 5mm to drop out into a collection bucket with a couple of spins. The guards are also made from aluminium and are extremely easy to attach and detach to reduce storage space or when using in high winds.


Sand is a finite resource, and although you may not know it; we are running out. We have measured hundreds of microplastic nurdles from 34 different UK beaches, allowing us to pick the perfect aperture for the collection of microplastics, whilst leaving all the sand at the beach. Made from stainless steel for maximum lifetime.


Lightweight and modular, made from strengthened PVC, allows 1 person to easily carry and set up the frame ready for the barrel sieve to be attached. Each roller has sealed bearings to protect it from salt corrosion, allowing it to run smoothly, and the bearings are very inexpensive to replace.